Mobile Dental Video Camera System

We have developed the mobile dental video camera system to adhere to the highest quality standards.

Mobile Dental Video Camera System Benefits:

  • Flexible dental video camera positioning
  • Can be used in more than one room
  • No cabling, all HD video is transmitted wirelessly
  • No contractors needed to reinforce or modify ceiling
  • No mess or clean up, just roll it in and turn it on.
  • Easy to use, any staff member can run the mobile dental video camera
  • High quality high definition video and audio
  • Video is recorded to small SanDisk media for easy download and editing on your computer

Below example is from Dr Gordon Fraser’s installation.

Mobile Dental Surgical Video Camera

Dental video camera system delivery and staff training is always included.  If the system is not easy to use the project will be a failure. Within minutes any staff member will be able to run the dental video camera system insuring the highest quality recordings for your presentations.

Mobile Dental Video Camera Training

Mobile Dental Video Camera System Considerations Before Purchase

  • Your flooring must be rigid. If your flooring flexes or moves at all it will cause micro movements in the video.  If you have ceramic tile or any other type of solid flooring it will work perfectly.

Call now to complete your needs analysis.  Each system is built to order to insure each system meets your needs.

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