Head Mounted Dental Video Camera Vs Ceiling Mounted Dental Video Cameras

Head Mounted Dental Video Camera Vs Ceiling Mounted Dental Video Cameras

Head Mounted Dental Video Camera Vs Ceiling Mounted Dental Video Cameras


One of the questions I get most surrounds the great debate over head mounted vs permanently mounted dental video cameras.  In any system there are pros and cons. Let me start by breaking down the head mounted dental video cameras.

 Head Mounted Dental Video Camera Prosdental video camera

  • Surgeon’s eye view – Probably captures the best 1st person view of the procedure
  • Lighting – Lighting is usually even and optimal.

 Head Mounted Dental Video Camera Cons

  • Camera Movement – This is usually the kiss of death for any head mounted dental video camera I have ever seen.  In the macro environment even the relatively shallow breathing of the surgeon looks like a bad home video taken during a 7 plus richter scale earthquake. This effect can literally make the watcher sick.
  • Record Confidence –  The surgeon can never look up at the screen to verify the shot that he is getting.  When he looks away from the surgical site the camera pans with his head not allowing him to view the shot he is attempting to capture.

Permanently Mounted Dental Video Camera Pros

  • Camera Perspective – With the proper auto clutching arm system and camera lens you can position the camera outside the surgical field and still capture the right angle. With the right system you can use it much like you do your dental light.  Grab it, position it, let go of it and it stays in the perfect position.
  • Lighting – The proper dental video camera in combination with regular dental lights can yield a wonderful product.
  • Picture Quality – Many times permanently fixed cameras offer 1080p HD video for a much lower cost.
  • Picture Stability & Ease of Use – The right system will offer stable video with a remote that makes fine tune adjustments to pan & tilt allowing hands free operation.

Permanently Mounted Dental Video Camera Consdental video camera

  • None – In the overall scheme of things there is really no downside to a permanently affixed dental video camera system.

I have worked in the dental video camera business for over 15 years and have seen several doctors who spent good money on head mounted dental video cameras call me and switch them over to something that is easy to use and yields a high quality product for their presentations and educational materials.

Give me a call for a free needs analysis and quote.  I think you will be surprised at how affordable the right system can be. 561-252-5954