Dental Video Cameras, Why Should I Own One?

Dental Video Cameras, Why Should I Own One?

Dental Video Cameras, Why Should I Own One?

The uses for high quality dental video cameras are very diverse.  We have designed and installed dental video cameras that overcome all the difficulties of recording dental surgeries.slide

Here are a few of the uses for the high quality easy to use dental video cameras.

  • Study Club Content
  • Instructional Videos
  • Referral Dr Education
  • Presentation Material for Event Speakers
  • Etc

There are many hurdles to overcome concerning dental video recording such as.

  • Proper Magnification, Getting Close Enough
  • Camera Distance,  It Needs To Be Out Of The Way
  • Color, Natural Gingival Tones Are A Must
  • Ease Of Use, So Easy The New Assistant Can Use It
  • Camera Position, Getting The Right Angle
  • Etc.

Being able to grap the dental video camera and place it where you want it is of utmost importance. A good system will work much like a dental light.  Simply grab the camera place in the position and angle and let go.  It should stay right there.  Once in position small fine tune adjustments are made with a remote control.  This assures that your field of operation is always perfect.

Recording to SD cards allows for 3 hour plus operations to be captured without changing record media.

We have almost 20 years of experience in developing and installing dental video cameras.  Give us a call today for a free needs analysis 561-252-5954